Hinh nha co Loan

Eyes of Compassion Relief Org. would like to share with you one of a few houses that we have built in 2022 to help some families are poor and difficult situation.

Mr. Mai Van Thinh was born in 1960 with a congenital defect in his legs. Around the age of 30, he got married and had a son named Mai Khanh Loc, born in 1989. When Loc was 8 years old, Mr. Thinh’s wife, Loc’s mother left them to return to her hometown to marry another man. Mr. Thinh and his son look after each other and live together to this day.

Mai Khanh Loc currently works as a hired worker in the locality, sometimes he has work and sometimes he doesn’t due to the nature of his job. Now, he is 34 years old and still unmarried because his family situation is poor and difficult.

In 2005, the house he was living in was destroyed by typhoon No.9. Without a house, the government gave 5,000,000 VND ( 230 Usd ) and a long-term loan of 5,000,000 VND, he rebuilt the house to protect them from the rain and sun.

Their house is located in an area affected by the tides which rise and fall day and night. The house often becomes flooded because of the tides. Mr. Thinh is often sick due to his disability and weak health, and it is difficult for them to clean and maintain the house so the house has become unsanitary and unliveable.

Eyes of Compassion Relief Org.’s (EOCRO) volunteer discussed with Mr. Thinh that he will look for a donation about 60,000,000 VND ( 2500 USD ) to build for Mr. Thinh and his son a new house.

A member of the Red Cross Society of the commune said that he would help them borrow money through the poverty alleviation fund for families who are having difficulty having housing.

EOCRO volunteer finished building before Lunar New Year 2023, so that the father and son could have a warm Lunar New Year.

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