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Hello friends,
Thai Plum Village (TPV) is both a monastery and an academy for about 250 monastic. The center is also known as an "Incubator" where novice monastic in Vietnam, after being ordained will be transferred to TPV for thorough training before leaving to preach the Dharma.
With the exception of monastics in the international Plum Village tradition, TPV always opens the door to all monastic from other traditions, whether it is Vietnamese-speaking or non-Vietnamese-speaking. Anyone who wants to learn and practice mindfulness is welcome. At TPV Academy, there is a 7-year Buddhist study program, which has 7 classes.
The names of the classes in order are:
1/ Dwelling
2/ I have arrived, I am home
3/ Inter-being
4/ No birth, no death
5/ Emptiness
6/ Formlessness
7/ Aimlessness
Currently, there are 2 classes missing, we are working to have this completed soon.
Your donation is sincerely grateful.
Wish all of our brothers, sisters and generous benefactor good health and peace of mind.

The Project for Classroom Construction Letter from TPV: page#1, page#2. Page#3

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The International Plum Village Sangha is a group of young people, mostly from the ages of 16 to 40 years old.
When young people have the heart to become ordained, they will go to Plum Village centers to study and live for a while to practice. After that, they are ordained and become a monk or nun and then are sent back to “Incubators” to continue the program of further study.
Over the years (about 5-7 years), the quality of practice has remained, young monastic have been sent to major centers in France, the US, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, ... and then back to Vietnam. To start go as a river with the Sangha on the path of preaching the Dharma.
Each of them is transferred to the practice centers for 3 to 5 years, with some staying longer to help the monastery for further develop.
Buddhism is always flexible to the circumstances of people and life, so in each country and in each territory Buddhism has different colours and the Sangha according to that, the form of preaching is also different, but the quality is the same, which is mindfulness and awareness.


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