Kính mời qúy vị vào nghe bản nhạc: ĐỪNG MẤT NIỀM TIN
The Forbidden Tibetan Song " NEVER LOSE THE LIGHT " by Serlha and Youlha

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Please enjoy the loving song

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On Saturday, April - 2020, 01:38:34 AM EDT, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery <> wrote:

Dear All the members of Eye of Compassion Relief Organization - Canada
We all understand that this is a very crucial time for everyone to keep safe from COVID - 19 pandemic. Everywhere there are huge problems in tackling this coronavirus. According to the news in India, there are more than fifty thousand death cases all over. Many people think that number will go up day by day. So, it is not easy for all of us to maintain peace of mind.
What we can do is social distancing, keeping your surroundings sanitized, stay home, avoid gatherings are some important measures.  Therefore, Tashi Lhunpo monastery wishes all of you safe and healthy life. Every day we are performing Tara Puja for your good health and safety. We will continue until this pandemic disappears. Please keep safe and be healthy.
Here in India, it is a lockdown period; this lockdown is for 21 days and today is the 11th day. We see some people still taking some unnecessary steps. 
Monastery is completely closed for everyone for time being, except two monks no one is allowed to go out from the monastery. Those two monks are our health worker and kitchen in charge. If anyone needs something urgently they have to contact the administration. Administration will manage according to the necessary.
Morning and evening session prayers, school, debate, any gathering is completely banned. Only selected monks will perform daily prayers. We are very sure that our prayers will help you. It is a hard time but we feel life is important to all.
With many prayers

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery
P.O. Bylakuppe-571104
Mysore Distt.

Lễ cầu nguyện cho nạn nhân Vũ Hán – TU VIỆN DZONGKA CHOEDE MONASTERY - Perform daily prayers for Wuhan Covid-19 pandemic

Wuhan.Prayer - Sera Mey
Wuhan.Prayer - Sera Mey 1

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Wuhan.Prayer - Keydong

Lễ cầu nguyện cho Vũ Hán – Nữ tu viện Kedong Thukchoe Nunnery- Perform daily prayers for Wuhan Covid-19

Ph.Sanh HoaHao
Phuoc Loi P.Sanh VuHan

Phóng sanh cầu an cho Vũ Hán - Phật Giáo Hoà Hảo Buddhism – Animal relief prayer for Wuhan pandemic  

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Phóng sanh cầu an Vũ Hán – GĐPT Phước Lợi / Phuoc Loi Buddhist Scout – Animal relief prayer for Wuhan pandemic - Bấm vào hình xem video / Click on picture see video

1 Di hanh huong (8)
1 Di hanh huong (11)

Tibetan monks lived there to practice and to take care of the sacred places as well. Buddhism in India would have been very poor and lifeless if Tibetan Buddhism had not participated in the religion activities. The misfortune which Tibetan Buddhism had to go through for the last 50 years brought up its glory: the revitalization and growing of a religion that had almost disappeared for a long time in India ... BUDDHA HAS NEVER DIED.

Phật giáo Ấn Độ nếu không có hình bóng và sự đóng góp của Phật giáo Tây Tạng thì e rằng sẽ rất nghèo nàn và buồn tẻ. Trong cái khổ nạn mà Phật Giáo Tây Tạng phải gánh chịu trong 50 năm qua, lại sinh ra được cái huy hoàng của nó, đó là sự chấn hưng và phát triển Phật Giáo trên đất nước Ấn vốn đã tàn rụi từ lâu .... Đức Phật Chưa Từng Nhập Diệt ..

Wuhan Relief7 - DEP

Tu viện Dzongka Choede chia sẽ thực phẩm cho đồng bào Ấn trong đại dịch Vũ Hán - Bấm vào hình xem chi tiết . Dzongkar Choede monastic preparing food supporting Indian Wuhan Covid-19 pandemic - on picture for detail ....

Dzongka Monastery hosts a Buddhist pilgrimage ... detail click on picture
Tu viện Dzongka tổ chức hành hương thánh tích Phật … chi tiết bấm vào hình

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Lễ cầu nguyện cho nạn nhân Vũ Hán – TU VIỆN - 1600 tu sĩ / monastics SERA MEY MONASTERY - Perform daily prayers for Wuhan Covid-19

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