Tieng Viet
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Annual Sponsorship

Yearly support focus on poor family or disable people who did not have a chance to support themselves.  we put all of the worst cases into a sponsorship program. These include the disabled, lonely elderly, the severely ill, and orphans. Every year, we support them with enough food to live. Each case requires about $60 Cnd. yearly. This amount will sometimes be shared by a whole family.

Mrs. Dang Thi Rot

Mrs. Nguyen thi Ngan

Sponorship For Tibetan Monks

Mr. and Mrs. Dang Huyen

Nguyen thi Tuong

Mrs. Phan Thi Con va Mr. Duong Trong

Sera Mey Buddhist Monastic University located in North of India. The stories of escaping from Tibet to India of many monks in this University touched us so much. They have had a hard time to gain back their confidence. They wished to be supported by sponsors so that they can continue to study and practice until finishing their education. They are living simply, focus on learning and practicing.  

The Dalai Lama and Khen Rinpoche (abbot of this University)

Studying time in the Monastery

Happy Young Monks

Beside the annual sponsorship of poor Vietnamese, we have the program to sponsor Tibetan Monks who live in India. All the selected monks have considered bright future monks for the monastery and for the spreading of Dharma. Therefore, we supported them to continue their education until they can be able to help other people. They are selected from the head of monastery. The sponsorship is 120 Cnd. yearly.

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